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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  December 21, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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gun and fired a bullet in the victim's chest. >> it's terrible. >> baker lives around the corner. >> that is insane. what causes people to do stuff like that? that is horrible. it's a christmas party. >> today crime scene techs seen carrying a red plastic bag and long black tape from the trujillo home. investigators say that trujillo apologized for the shooting but claimed self-defense. they didn't buy the story. >> anybody that is hosting a holiday party. a christmas party should be thinking of other things besides, you know, getting so mad at somebody that you could take their life. >> police have not said how many people were at the party when the shooting occurred around 12:30 this morning. we also aren't sure if
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trujillo's two young sons were home. police tell us the 40-year-old victim was unarmed. live in damascus, i'm kevin lewis. abc7 news. alison: thank you. meanwhile a trial date has been set for the rockville man accused of killing his neighbors. then going on a cruise with the family. he will go on trial next month on charges of first degree murder and robbery. they say he has confessed to killing richard and julian in a home break-in on mother's day. he was arrested a few days later on a cruise in alaska. leon: the first baltimore police officer to go to court for the death of freddie gray will be going back on trial in june. the judge declared a mistrial in the case against william porter, that after the jury deadlocked. the other officers are accused of failing to secure gray in the back of the police man and ignoring his request for help. the next officer's trial scheduled for next month. meanwhile, baltimore police moving forward with the plan
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to put body cameras on officer. the two-month pilot program wrapping up. they showed that adding the technology is a no-brainer. the department is now removing the body cameras for the widespread distribution. alison? alison: must be charges have been filed against the driver in a crash on the las vegas strip. that left one person dead and more than 30 people injured. an stone owe has the latest on the developing story from vegas. >> sheriff joe lombardo said telling investigator what is she did, she showed no sign of alcohol. but investigators believe she was under a drug stimulant. the drug says video show the woman intentionally drove in a crowd of tourists. las vegas police say 24-year-old lakeisha holloway was behind the wheel of a car that drove in a crowd of tourists on the las vegas strip. detectives say the woman from portland, oregon had been in las vegas for a week.
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holloway was living in her car with a 3-year-old baby girl. sheriff joe lombardo does not believe this is how a parent acts but nothing has been ruled out. >> in light of that, not having no unknowns we are not ruling out the possibility of terrorism. the intentional act will be hard to explain. reporter: after 6:30 sunday night, holloway veered in the sidewalk outside of planet hollywood. 100 people were on the sidewalk. she intentionally ran over people. >> the suspect lakeisha holloway repeatedly drove over pedestrians and some banged on car to try to get her to stop but she didn't. reporter: 35 people were injured. one area woman was killed. sheriff lombardo said the single mother gave a reason for doing it but wouldn't give the details. >> she made statements on the scene at the point of arrest.
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as i mentioned, the investigation is ongoing. but we haven't determined the fact of what the motive was. reporter: detectives say she parked the car a mile away from the initial impact and went up to a valet and told him to call 911. police arrive and arrested her. three people are still in the hospital with critical head injuries. the district attorney says holloway is facing a murder charge and the possibility of murder charges. the 24-year-old is in jail with no bond. she is suspected to be in court tomorrow or on wednesday. reporting in las las vegas. leon: a suicide bomber on a motorcycle killed six u.s. service personnel in afghanistan. that is the largest u.s. loss of life in a single attack this year. the afghan government said the bomber drove through patrol village. two other service members survived the bombing.
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alison: u.s. muslim leaders have a plan to fight radical ism and provide battle of the u.s. hate crimes as well. they unveiled a series of initiative at the national press club in washington. it includes improved communications of the leaders of the different faiths. increased voter registration. and participation. holding regular open houses at mosques around the country. we have to do a better job of reaching out to the young people from the pull it will. teaching them how they can avoid the seductive approaches that are found on the internet from groups like isis and others. we are redoubling the effort in the community. leon: let's talk about the
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weather now. taste of winter over the weekend. appears to come to our area. we have chance today of moving in. chief meteorologist doug hill has a first look. doug: nothing right now. just cloudy skies outside the weather center. cloudy skies downtown. 57 at reagan national airport. give you a couple of maps to highlight what we're watching here. mild temperatures are continuing more than 20 degrees above average. 57 in manassas and fredericksburg. 48 in hagerstown. 54 in annapolis. southerly winds, that is the reason we are having such warm temperatures. warm even without the sunshine today. breezy and the winds will in time bring in warmer air. that is how we get the rain. it's 47 in germantown and ashburn. 48 in dale city. ton of cloudiness out there. showers, too. we have possibility of fog and sprinkles tonight. tomorrow we have a chance of scattered showers.
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christmas eve you will be dreaming of a white christmas because it ain't going to happen! we look ahead to christmas day and the weekend in a couple of minutes. hion: you got it, doug. another christmas tree fire impacted the community. that is what we are getting from the annapolis fire chief as he revealed christmas tree is to blame for the fire that destroyed the annapolis yacht club. it started with electrical malfunction for artificial christmas tree. it caused $9 million in damage. it was a year ago when annapolis suffered a devastating fire also blamed on the christmas tree.
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it took less than a minute to set the whole tree ablaze. alison: metro said it flicked a glitch that brought headaches for the metro riders. all day long they struggled when the riders tried to pay with anything but cash. jeff goldberg is live at the rosslyn station. what was behind this? jeff: equipment malfunction. if you walk in the metro station for the first time today you would not know there was a problem with the machines. this has been corrected. much to the relief of the metro riders. the station managers and wmata. this is what we saw on the fare card machines all day today. cash only signs posted on the fare machines all over the place. they were not accepting credit or debit cards to add to smart cards. that was a major inconvenience. first, paper cards are practically all gone. many people do not carry cash. metro says this is due to
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equipment malfunction. they worked it out late today. probably an hour ago. when it was happening riders wither not thrilled. >> frustrating because it's in a hurry. like said there are bunches. jeff: the station managers were working to collect them and allow them to get out and get in. it would not do much. but thankfully for metro today people are off for the holidays so not as busy as usual. back to business. live in arlington, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. leon: are packages missing in fairfax county? that is what a family said they found a random box along
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a path. diane cho is here to explain. what is going on? diane: this is a walking path. a man found a doll and blanket along the path. if we keep going this direction you will notice it's behind the homes here. he says this all happened on friday night. found a package with part of her address and decided it belong told her. her sister was missing a toy she order and christmas presents for the nieces. the doll and the blanket did not belong to them. the man found them in an area not far from chantilly road. she said it appeared to hear that someone stole the packages and sifted through the boxes and only took the items they wanted. since then she has been trying to track down the person who ordered the items, especially the doll so the child it was intended for will have it in time for christmas. >> as a parent, i was like
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stoke and i couldn't find something in the store and i found it online. i'm waiting for it to come in. i would be really upset. >> she says she has been knocking on her neighbor's doors and she posted a message on social media site. so far, only one person come forward to claim the blanket. diane cho. abc7 news. alison: thank you. still ahead at 5:00, community gesture leads to tears. the chance meeting that brightened the first family mourning the loss of their unborn child in a devastating crash. jonathan: plus the d.m.v. is getting reasons to smile. big change coming to the driver's license. alison: we will show you where dogs are helping to bring calm to the stress of the holidays. leon: up next, new laws. what everybody has to do before this
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alison: can you believe more than a million americans are expected to get a drone this holiday season? but before you can take it out for a spin we have to update uncle sam. we have more on how to register your drone. you have one there.
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chris: this is a lego version of drone. a little difficult to command but it will try to make its way back here. the government says they tried to make this as easy as possible. go to this is the main website, the home page. register the u.a.f. the unmanned aerial system. click on that and it will bring you this page. click on registration. this gives you the information you need to register the drone and what the rules are. this is neat. this can hover right here next to me. the guy on the top. the rules are you must be 13 years of age or older, u.s. citizen or legal permit resident. if your drone weighs less than .55 pounds, ours does, your don't need to register it. our drone here would not need to be registered. if it weighs more than 55 pounds that is a different type of registration. if you register in 30 days you
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will get a refund of the $5 it will cost you after the 30-day period. when you register you will get a certificate and a number. you put the number on to your drone. so when you are flying it outside. you are flying it legally. also remember when you fly one of these outside, this one will be an exception. it is under .55 pounds. you have to fly it under 400 feet of the altitude. it must be in the line of vision the entire time. also remember to check no fly zones. near reagan you can't fly any drone within 30 miles of the reagan national airport event if you go through the process and it's registered. live in the newsroom with the drone. chris papst, abc7 news. leon: i admire you for putting your nose and ears at risk like that. way to go. doug is about to get a cheap haircut. united airlines is bringing man's best friend to airports across the country.
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including dulles. they want to help holiday travelers feel more comfortable. they are sending out 200 dogs. they are using a program called united paws. specially trained comfort dogs will be led around by handlers today through wednesday. it lowers the blood pressure. alison: very nice. doug: it could be well above average. let's give you a time lapse.
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now it is chilly. 54 in annapolis. 57 in reagan national airport. to the mid-atlantic and columbus, ohio, 50. 57 in louisville. will won't change soon. numbers get higher and higher. there is more rain south and west headed this way. the southerly winds bring in the warmth. it's a rich source of moisture with us pretty much through
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the week. the only dry day where we don't have rain in the forecast for the next seven days is christmas day. areas of rain by tomorrow morning affecting the morning rush. that should move out during the day. we will get a break in the action getting to wednesday. more rain. some of us will be heavy and some areas not far from here will have a rumble of thunder on wednesday. warm front moving through the area. that is going to boost the temperatures. the warm awill come up from the carolinas and the mid-appalachians. 660 tomorrow with the shower mostly in the mornings. highs near 60. as we look to wednesday, the big travel day. if you want a white christmas we have got it. large portion of the country. actually, more of the continental u.s. is covered with snow than last year at this time. figure. but it's out to the west. rain, big storms along the coast. eastern half of the nation rain will be there. maybe thunderstorms farther south.
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especially coastal georgia and carolina. look at the numbers. in the 70's. 70 degrees on wednesday. that is crazy. warm air will move northward. that is atlantis. we get to christmas eve and christmas day. show you the christmas cast. notice numbers. 74 for christmas eve. 68 christmas day is way above average. there is 90 chance of rain wednesday. 50's to 60's as far as the eyes can see. >> i thought we had a shot.
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so to steve at the med low lark winter lights. steve: this is phenomenal! i will take the temperatures in the 50's. this is what you see if you come out to meadow lark. a million lights here! everyone bought tickets. they allow people in every half hour. they are checking this out. beautiful lights. people come with the cameras to take photos. a lot to enjoy. they will have a bonfire at 6:00 this everything. they will do it for another couple of weeks. two weeks to be exact. you can head out here tomorrow night.
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any night before christmas. even after christmas. check ahead. the tickets are selling out quickly. tonight there were only a half dozen or so left. $12 if you buy in advance. $14 at the door. they are expecting 2,500 people tonight. i expect the crowds will grow larger and larger moving through the coming days, especially as the temperatures warm up. hope you can make it down. leon: a will of fun. thank you. no wind chill to worry about. stay out there all evening. alison: get your money's worth. alison: in short sleeves on christmas eve this year. leon: coming up, a decade-old ban coming to an ind. the new rule to allow gay men to donate blood for the first time since the aids epidemic. >> it's your license. if you can smile if you want
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to. in virginia. i'm stephen tschida. i'll tell you about that in a moment. alison: here is what is coming up in prime time on abc7. you can get information about shows. contests and more. sent to your inbox. go to to sign up for abc7 fan blast.
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alison: virginia is doing away with long-standing grins. leon: we explain what is behind the change. >> virginia drivers may be all smiles, right? if you look at their driver's license you never know it. >> it's serious. >> the virginia d.m.v. reversed the policy. >> the ban i am showing went into effect in 2009. the technology advanceed to a point where you can smile again. >> no issue with it. most people like to smile when they take a picture.
5:27 pm
>> some prefer a stoic look. >> if you don't like the picture on your license, then you want one with a big grin you can go to the d.m.v. and take $20 to get a new license. >> i have seen driver's license pictures that might be worth $20. make the change. >> coming up at 5:00 -- >> it wasn't right they came here. >> you know the help never came. we expose a government program in maryland with the strongest waiting lists in the country. alison: plus a community comes together to help a family devastated by tragedy. the chance encounter that inspired act of love.
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announcer: you're watching "7 on your side." alison: a woman is facing murder charges after police say she drove her car to the sidewalk of the las vegas strip with a 3-year-old child inside the car. antonio joins us from las vegas. are police revealing a motive
5:31 pm
here? antonio: metro police are not releasing a moteful. but a warrant is issued with the details. we are learning that this is describing a stress out single mother. the report goes on to say that the woman was being picked off the property in the area. the woman told investigators i am in pain and i want others to feel the pain also. that is what we are hearing heag from the police report. alison: do know the status of the more than 30 injured? >> 35 people were taken to the hospital. out of the 35 people, three are still in critical
5:32 pm
condition. the serious head injuries. one woman passed away. alison: it is hard to imagine that in all of this there was a 3-year-old child in the backseat of the car. do we know where the child is now? >> the 3-year-old has been taken to the local protective child services. doing well but people are surprise she was in the backseat of the mother's car. when the mother stopped she left the child in therca. there is a good possibility the mother will be facing child neglect abuse charges. leon: between new years,
5:33 pm
police are on the road looker if drunk drivers. leotta died this month after being hit by suspected drunk driver. find out how they were planning to use the memory to save lives this holiday season. freddie rodriguez wife and two kids were in a church van that caught fire after a tow truck plowed into them. they lost their unborn son in crash. the daughter was released from the hospital. today a woman who met the family in the home surprised them with gifts and other necessities in time for christmas. >> look at the presents. how are you feeling? >> a precious gift to bless
5:34 pm
over part of it. leon: you saw that he was out a lot of words. he said he wanted to thank everyone for sticking with the family. alison: so nice. new technology to help prevent derailment in use. the technology positive train control about vated between new york and philadelphia over the weekend. it was in youth in d.c. and it could have prevented the crash in may that killed nine and injure 200 others. leon: check top stories now. a man is dead after he was shot at a party in damascus home. the suspected shooter francisco trujillo is charged with first-degree murder.
5:35 pm
alison: an electrical short in artificial christmas tree that sparked the fire at the annapolis yacht club. no one was hurts. the fire caused several million in damage. the yacht club and the community vowed to rebuild. leon: the metro vending machine accept debit and credit cards. a vending issue left people paying cash. alison: 30-year ban on gay men donating blood is coming to an end but with a specific caveat. they announce that gay men can donate blood but only if it's been more than a year since they last had sex with another man. the f.d.a. says the reversal is based on research to show the ban is not necessary to prevent transmission of hiv. gay rights activists say the decision is discriminatory.
5:36 pm
>> this is a step in the right direction. maybe like clinton's don't ask, don't tell policy. they will look back and say it's not necessary. >> the american red cross today put out a statement saying it supports the f.d.a.'s decision. >> up next at 5:00 -- jen there are killers free on the street. police say he is one of them. coming up next on the wall of justice. leon: later exposing the problem in maryland. the government program with one of the longest waiting lists in the country. >> abc7 presents season's greetings. >> we're the liggen family in netherlands and want to wish our friends in the d.c. area a merry christm
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steve: i'm steve rudin at the meadow lark winter walk of life. it is absolutely beautiful here. we'll talk about the weekend forecast. if you start early, christmas eve, daytime temperature around 75 degrees. move to christmas day we will see the daytime highs that will make it to the upper 60's. for the rest of the weekend. if you like the temperatures on the warm side, warm for this time of the year, around 60 on saturday. sunday around 63 degrees. stay with us. you are watching "abc7 news at 5:00". we'll be back a
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jennifer: hello. i'm jennifer donelan. this is the "7 on your side" fighting back wall of justice. tonight d.c. police turning up the heat in the search for two when who they say are killers. >> d.c. police adding john james to the wall. detectives say they have been looking for him since september for murder. he joins william lewis on the wall for murder in district. taking us across the potomac, arlington police officer are lacking for irve butler for allegedly breaking into cars. gutierrez who is accused of sexual assault of a minor and
5:41 pm
ariel gonzalez perez wanted for assault and battery on a family member. now set the wall of justice in motion. tonight the spotlight is on irv butler. arlington county police need your help finding irv butler. he is accused of breaking into a half dozen cars at the pentagon city mall a few years ago. police are still looking for him. detectives tell us there are 15 active warrants out for his arrest. his last known address was in suitland, maryland. >> butler has indeed been busy. we have been looking for him for over three years now. we are desperate to find him. >> he has black hair and black eyes and he is facing larceny and destruction of property charges. they want him off the wall of justice and put him behind bars. if you have information on the search for butler call the arlington county police. we will see you next week with
5:42 pm
the wall of justice. have a happy and a safe holiday. i'm jennifer donelan. leon: coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- a historic chip returns to baltimore inner harbor. where has it been? >> and waiting for years. for health that never came. i-team investigator chris papst exposes the problem that is affecting thousands of
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leon: the maryland department of health and mental hygiene developed a big problem. government watchdog investigator chris papst learned one of the programs has a waiting list of 20,000 people. up to five years long. some of them are dying before receiving help. chris: in this house, in this room, in this chair. pat meadows spent her final years. >> in the six decades together they had a great life in maryland but in 2009 pat suffered a massive stroke.
5:46 pm
to try to get help they contacted the prince george's county department of family services and learned of the older adult waiver program. funded by medicate it aims to keep seniors out of their house and to the nursing homes so they register and they were put on the list. >> my wife thinking she would get hole. >> for five years the meadows waited for the help that never came. in late 2014, pat passed away. six months later, bobby joe received a call. his wife reached the top of the list. >> out wasn't right, they came here. >> i sent condolences to him. >> the i-team digging and learned that this list goes back years. accordtology the kaiser
5:47 pm
foundation, maryland 2013 waiting list stood at 18,000 people. among the longest in the nation. the maryland older adult waiver is run by the state department of health and mental hygiene which after many phone calls would not sitdown with us. >> you had a resident who died waiting five years for help. you don't think it warrants an interview? the answer was no. >> its a big problem. >> a problem. ann hurry with the legal aid says is budgetary. according to kizer in 2011. maryland spent $103 million on home care services. vass spent nearly five times that amount. >> peep will quitting jobs to care for the loved ones to get them out of nursing home. >> that is what the problem is supposed to do.
5:48 pm
>> the department did point that it offers more options than d.c. or virginia. chris papst, abc7 news. leon: thank you. tomorrow join us for a "7 on your side" special. we will look at the impact of the nuisance 911 calls on emergency response and taxpayers wallets as well. the hazard of hover boards. it will start tomorrow at 8:00 on abc7. alison: all right. first, get a check of the roadways. jamie: we will see some areas that are lighter than usual.
5:49 pm
other areas will have more traffic. this is a look at river road. you can see on the inner loop and the outer loop of the capital beltway we have some of the volume. typical. we move to the map. we had an earlier at river road and gone. the outer loop at the same thing. this is near university boulevard. because we don't have anything to deal with now we are in a good stretch out of d.c. area. on the freeway not bad. a typical driver for us. when we get closer to wednesday that's when we pick up. a look at traffic. back to you. leon: a look at the weather now. coming up at 6:00, the g.o.p.
5:50 pm
presidential race. the field is shrinking yet again. we will tell you about that and the i-team was the first to raise questions about crumb on field. we will talk about that and more. that is new at 6:00. alison: first get a check of the weather. changing but still warm. doug: 50's to 60's to 70's in the next few days. way above average warming trends. there is not much to deal with. the temperatures are steady between 46 and 52 in the morning. getting through the day we have a chance of showers through the morning hours.
5:51 pm
this is the first batch. downstream, we have more areas to keep in mind. e. over the section of mississippi and alabama. that is the wednesday weather maker. an interesting stretch. we may set a record high in the area for christmas ease. the future cast takes us to wednesday. a big travel day. it could be heavier on the interstate. the 95 northward to new england. a look at the next seven days. the warming trind. 60% chance of rain. especially in the morning. 90% chance and 67 on wednesday. high of 74 on wednesday.
5:52 pm
christmas day we chill out to 68. hope you get heavy gloves and coats for christmas and then temperatures in the ''s to the upper 60's in the weekend and next week. christmas stuff. the average high is only 45. merry christmas. that is my gift to you. leon: what is crazier? 70 at the day before christmas or redskins at the top of the division. erin: a gift to the redskins fans for sure. this victory fans are all fired up. washington is on the verge of the first title in three years which makes the fans very happy. it was the outing at fedex field. the fans chanted "you like that" after every touchdown. that is a new thing for kirk
5:53 pm
cousins but this is a short week so players have to get back to work. gruden spoke to the media and he is well aware for what is at stake. >> a lot of guys have been through big games but nothing like this. on the road saturday for division title. is it with us if we win it. play with the poise and the great effort. hopefully they prepare like we have been preparing. erin: most of the talk today is about cousins and his accomplishment this season but what about the defense? the redskins had a good build offense sacking quarterback taylor five times. i spoke to him about his first sack of the season.
5:54 pm
>> your first sack of the season. >> i didn't know i got the sack. i was like you better dance. you better dance! i didn't know. i thought it was a tackle for a loss. happy i got the sack. we got the win. erin: glad he got the dance in. join us on the sister station newschannel8 for after the game tonight at 7:00.
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alison: a popular tourist attraction in baltimore inner harbor has been missing. paul gessler shows us what happened to the uss constellation. reporter: down the home stretch at the mouth of the baltimore inner harbor. >> this should be good. reporter: a crowd is beginning to form for the harbor
5:58 pm
homecoming. bradley chandler works aboard the uss constellation. as it approaches its home at pier one. what is old is new again for the national historic land mark. >> i know that. i know the 1800's. >> the christmas surprise for 7-year-old jason. >> yeah. constellation is back after three weeks in a ship-yard. >> it's wrecked a little. work needs to be done. there is work to do. >> remaining maintenance can be done at her home for now. >> take care of it. >> the can stellation mast, yards and rigging repaired. nearly $400,000. at cost. >> it's awesome.
5:59 pm
>> the constellation is home. alison: that is it for us at 5:00. coming up at 6:00 -- preventing drunk driving. a victim tells his story as the police step up patrols for the holidays. the field of g.o.p. candidates is getting smaller. we will tell you who is dropping out and what it means for the race. the "7 on your side" i-team is one of the first to raise questions about chrome rubber on turf fields. why testing is looking unlikely. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. announcer: now, "abc7 news at 6:00" on your side. leon: first at 6:00, preventing d.w.i. this holiday season. officering are patrolling the roads with heavy hearts. officer leotta was killed after being struck by suspected drunk driver. another emotional plea to stop
6:00 pm
d.w.i. from a father who lost his daughter. suzanne kennedy has efforts to keep the roads safe. suzanne: a lot of people are out and about at the restaurants and bars in bethesda in the holiday season. authorities say the holiday drunk driving crackdown in full swing. they had 12 crashes with suspected drunk drivers. in one case the woman behind the wheel was pregnant. they say there are no excuses for drunk driving in the holiday much less any other time of the year. >> maryland motorists to stay sober this holiday season. when the maryland state police are out enforcing that message they will do so in honor of officer noah leotta who was killed thanksgiving weekend monitoring d. u.i. enforcement. >>


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